I wish to learn the art of chinese handwriting (teach myself) .


 う〜む、やはり来ましたか! 「書道の独学、塾に通わないと書道は勉強できないでしょうか?」の英語版ですね。
 とりあえず、以下のような答えを、(もともとダメなのにかなり大急ぎで、めちゃくちゃの英語で)書きました。良い情報をお持ちの方は、教えていただけないでしょうか。また、もうちょっとまともな英語に直してくださる方、いらっしゃらないでしょうか。  とりあえず、載せておきます。


> I am an **** wishing to learn the art of chinese handwriting.  
> Could you help me by possibly giving me information.
> I try to teach myself.

I think that SHO( Chinese/Japanese calligraphy) is a visual arts, and 
very important point to study it is the study of operations/movements. 
Therefore, you should study from SHISHO(a master) rather than it studies 
by itself. However, I introduce the following self-teaching books.

1. Ryokushu Kuiseko: "BRUSH WRITING-Calligraphy Techneiques for Beginers-"
2. Christopher J.Earnshaw: "SHO Japanese calligraphy-An In-depth 
   Introduction to the Art of Writing Characters-"/Charles E.Turttle 

1 is for beginners, but I recommend 2. Next,

a. T.C.Lai: "Chinese Calligraphy Its Mystic Beauty"/Swindon book company, 
b. ChiangYee:"Chinese Calligraphy -An Introduction to Its Aesthetic and 
   Technique-"/Harverd University Press,London 
c. William Willetts:"Chinese Calligraphy -Its History and Aesthetic 
   Motivation-"/Oxford University Press,Oxford 

"a" includes the much figures of SHO has appeared in the order of the 
history, and it is regrettable that the figure is monochrome, and 
there is seldom explanation. 
"b" is a book with the history of a Chinese character, the history of 
writing, the construction theory, the practicing method , etc. is 
synthetic, and a sentence is mainly in it. 
"c" includes the much figures(with some color pages) introduced in 
accordance with the history, and is recommendation at those who do 
not think writing myself.

I think it is also effective to use video for self-teaching, however 
I don't know it sxplain by English, of couse there are same video by 

If you want to learns at a university etc., the following papers 
(although mainly written in Japanese, the list is written in English) 
have a list of lectures which can study SHO at the university in the 
United States.

  TAKAHAMA Takehiko, "Objectives in the Education of Chinese and 
  Japanese Calligraphy Taking Place Outside the Cultural Sphere of 
  the Chinese Character", Shosha-Shodo:Teaching Methods and Studies, 
  pp.76-89, No.11/1997

Furthermore, some information may be acquired from the following 
link lists.